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In Jacksonville, Florida, the presence of snakes poses a significant concern due to the diverse range of snake species, some of which can be potentially dangerous. Snakes, including venomous ones like the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake and the Cottonmouth, can inadvertently find their way into residential areas, posing risks to both human safety and pets. These snakes may become agitated if cornered or threatened, potentially leading to bites that can result in serious health complications or even fatalities. To ensure the safety of residents and the humane removal of these reptiles, professional snake removal services are absolutely necessary. Trained experts possess the knowledge, experience, and tools required to accurately identify snake species, safely capture them, and relocate them to more suitable habitats. Relying on professionals not only minimizes the risk of accidental bites but also ensures the ecological balance is maintained by preserving the role of snakes in the local ecosystem.


When faced with the urgency of emergency snake removal in Jacksonville, Florida, Coastal Wildlife & Pest Services stands as the premier choice for reliable and effective solutions. With a team of seasoned professionals specializing in wildlife management and control, our company offers unparalleled expertise in identifying and safely handling a diverse range of snake species native to the region. Our commitment to safety and precision ensures that each removal procedure is executed with the utmost care, mitigating potential risks and ensuring the well-being of residents and pets. Backed by years of experience, our experts possess a deep understanding of local snake behaviors and habitats, enabling us to swiftly and efficiently remove snakes from homes, yards, and commercial properties. By choosing Coastal Wildlife & Pest Services, you not only secure peace of mind knowing that you’re in capable hands, but you also contribute to the preservation of Jacksonville’s delicate ecosystem through our humane and environmentally responsible approach to snake removal.


Coastal Wildlife & Pest Services stands out as the go-to solution for emergency snake removal in Jacksonville, Florida, thanks to our unwavering commitment to providing round-the-clock assistance. Our 24/7 availability ensures that residents can rely on us to swiftly respond to urgent snake-related concerns, regardless of the time of day or night. Whether it’s a snake discovered in a residential property, a commercial space, or any other location, our dedicated team is always prepared to take immediate action. With a deep understanding of the potential dangers posed by snakes, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients above all else. Coastal Wildlife & Pest Services sets the standard for reliable, anytime assistance when it comes to ensuring the peace of mind and security of the Jacksonville community.

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All of our services come with a two-week guarantee, which means that if one of our technicians misses something at first sight or fails to treat it properly, we will return within two weeks to remedy the issue at no cost.
We also offer quick response times—as soon as you call us about an issue with wildlife in or around your home or business, we’ll be there as quickly as possible! Work with us today if you need emergency animal control in Jacksonville, FL!

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If you need wildlife removal services in Jacksonville, FL, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done. We also offer wildlife proofing services to prevent future infestations. So if you’re having a problem with rats, raccoons, squirrels, or other pests, fill out our form or give us a call today!
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We provide comprehensive wildlife removal services, including dead animal removal and wildlife trapping. We are the trusted experts for humane wildlife control solutions!

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Trust us to remove rodents from your property! We check all possible entry and exit points to ensure they don’t return. Rest assured, we’re experts in the field.
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Our NWCOA-certified team offers thorough and complete wildlife inspection services, as well as wildlife damage control and repair. Get your prevention plan today!

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When there’s an emergency, we’re the ones to call. We provide a two-week guarantee on all our services, and provide 24-hour wildlife removal services to protect your property.
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We are here to give you peace of mind – we can remove wildlife from any property. Partner with us so your business can return to being a safe place for your employees and customers.
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Pest Control
Pest Control in Northeast, Florida is a must-have! Annoying insects seem to never go away! We can offer a customized plan to keep your home and property clear of these nuisances so you can enjoy the great Florida weather without having to worry about bugs.

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