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Pest Control is more than simply removing the pests from your home. It’s preventing them from ever coming back. Our team of Local Pest Control experts use laser-focused, home-safe treatments using the industries latest technology to remove any pest quickly, effectively, and affordably. 

 We don’t stop there, though. Our experts create a tailored plan to prevent future pest invasions and pest-proof your home across all seasons.

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Free Pest Inspection

Not sure what is causing your pest issie? Setup a time for one of our professional Pest Control & Prevention experts to inspect your home and give you an idea of what’s happening and solutions available to you.

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Our Full Range of Services

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For All Your Wildlife and Pest Control Issues

If you need wildlife removal services in Jacksonville, FL, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done. We also offer wildlife proofing services to prevent future infestations. So if you’re having a problem with rats, raccoons, squirrels, or other pests, fill out our form or give us a call today!

Wildlife Trapping Services

Photo of raccoon crawling on leafy ground.

We provide comprehensive wildlife removal services, including dead animal removal and wildlife proofing. Trust us for humane wildlife control solutions!

Rat and Squirrel Attic Proofing

Trust us to remove rodents from your property! We check all possible entry and exit points to ensure they don’t return. Rest assured, we’re experts in the field.

Complete Home Inspection

Our NWCOA-certified team offers general wildlife inspection services, as well as animal damage control and repair.
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Emergency Removal Services

When there’s an emergency, we’re the ones to call. We provide a two-week guarantee on all our services, and provide 24-hour wildlife removal services to protect your property.

Commercial Wildlife Removal

We are here to give you peace of mind – we can remove wildlife from any property. Partner with us so your business can return to being a safe place for your employees and customers.

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