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Do you need assistance to get rid of raccoons in Julington Creek?

Between their intelligence, their tenacity, and their considerable size and strength, raccoons can be some of the most problematic wildlife intruders in Julington Creek. If raccoons begin to rely on humans for food or shelter, this can escalate into them breaking into your home and living in your attic, crawl space or garage. Raccoons can cause severe property damage and infect people and pets with parasites and diseases.

Since raccoons are prone to put up a fight and may carry the rabies virus, it’s unwise to try to remove them on your own. Get help from an experienced wildlife removal company in Julington Creek to safely remove raccoons from your home.

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Tried & True Raccoon Removal Tactics

Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services offers the most effective and budget-friendly racoon control solutions in Julington Creek. First, our specialists will inspect your home to find raccoon entry points and dens within your home. Our technicians will swiftly and safely trap and remove all of the raccoons from your home, whether you’ve got a lone adult or a whole litter of babies.

After the raccoons are all gone, our team will provide wildlife prevention services in Julington Creek to make sure no other wild animals can desecrate your home. You can also count on us to remove raccoon feces and disinfect areas where they were active under your roof.

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No one should have to share their home with wild, destructive raccoons. Reach out to Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services today if you’re in need of the most reliable raccoon removal services in the Julington Creek area!