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Of the many nuisance wildlife species that trouble homes in St. Augustine, raccoons are some of the biggest and most destructive. While raccoons are most notorious for stealing from garbage bins, they’ll also happily break into your crawl space or attic to build a den. Raccoons can spread many diseases and parasites to people, including the deadly rabies virus.

Raccoons are tough to trap and likely to fight back if you make an attempt, so don’t put yourself at risk. Stay safe and work with a professional wildlife removal company in St. Augustine to remove nuisance raccoons from your property.

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Effective Raccoon Removal

Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services is the most reliable raccoon removal and prevention team in St. Augustine. We begin by performing a property inspection to learn where raccoons have entered your home and how many we’re dealing with. Our licensed experts will work as quickly as possible to safely remove the raccoons from your home without causing further damage.

Once the raccoons have been evicted, we’ll perform wildlife exclusion solutions to keep them out of your home in St. Augustine for good. While we’re at it, our technicians will sanitize affected areas of your home and remove raccoon droppings and other messes.

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Don’t let raccoons invade your home and cause all sorts of trouble. Speak with Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services today for the most dependable raccoon removal services in the St. Augustine area!