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Do you need raccoon control services in St. Johns?

Raccoons are commonly found around homes in St. Johns, which can become problematic when they begin to rely on people for food. When raccoons start raiding garbage cans, this can quickly escalate into them breaking into attics or crawl spaces to make themselves a new home. In addition to being destructive, raccoons can carry the rabies virus and various parasites and diseases.

Because raccoons are temperamental critters that may attack if they feel threatened, it’s best not to attempt to remove a nuisance raccoon on your own. Bring in a licensed wildlife removal company in St. Johns if you need to get raccoons out of your home.

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Reliable Raccoon Removal

At Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services, we specialize in removing raccoons from homes in St. Johns. First, our team will conduct a home inspection to find raccoon entry points and dens on your property. Using trapping and other effective and humane methods, our technicians will quickly remove all intruding raccoons from your home.

After the raccoons have been dealt with, we’ll follow up by animal-proofing your home in St. Johns to keep other raccoons from getting in. We can also disinfect areas invaded by raccoons and clean up all the messes they left behind.

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Working with a team of wildlife removal professionals will allow for the safest resolution to a raccoon infestation. Contact Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services today if you’re in need of professional raccoon removal services in the St. Johns area!