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Wildlife Control Services in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Do you want some help to get rid of wild animals in Ponte Vedra Beach?

Our homes offer warmth and shelter, which is exactly why so many wild animals want to get in. Many different wildlife species in Ponte Vedra Beach are a nuisance to homes, typically nesting in the attic or crawl space. Having wildlife of any kind in your home is a health hazard, as they will damage insulation and wires, spread harmful bacteria, and may even attack you if confronted.

Instead of putting yourself at risk, bring in a licensed wildlife control company in Ponte Vedra Beach to get those critters out of your house.

Residential Services

Dependable Wildlife Control & Prevention

Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services is the top-rated wildlife removal company in Ponte Vedra Beach. When you work with us, we’ll first perform an initial home inspection to identify your invading wildlife and its entry points to your home. Our team will make use of baiting, trapping and other methods to remove all wild animals from your property as efficiently as we can.

Our technicians are trained to handle all wildlife in Ponte Vedra Beach, including:

  • Racoons
  • Armadillos
  • Snakes
  • Squirrels
  • Rats
  • Moles

Once the animals are all out of your house, we’ll keep them from coming back by performing a range of wildlife prevention services, including attic proofing. We also provide emergency wildlife removal services in Ponte Vedra Beach if you have a wildlife issue that poses an immediate danger.

The Most Effective Wildlife Removal Company in Northeast Florida

Don’t let intruding wildlife make a mess of your home. Connect with Coastal Wildlife & Pest Control Services today for the most efficient wildlife control services in the Ponte Vedra Beach area!